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1 April 2019Category :

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The "Ambar" House is a single-family house with P + 1E height, offering a surface of approximately

The proposed construction is made of wooden structure with cross-laminated wood (CLT) panels - wooden panels with high windows, allowing access to natural light throughout the day. The house is equipped with an office, technical spaces, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining area and a living room on the ground floor, and upstairs with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The dining room (dining) is positioned between two courtyards offering intimate light and natural light throughout the day, with a view of 2 kindergartens arranged with trees and flowers.

The living room is located in the V area of ​​the house, somehow isolated from the rest of the building's body through a passageway that receives natural light from 2 light courtyards, which stands out by a different height regime without the rest of the building. This passage to the living room can be used for playgrounds receiving natural light throughout the day and having access to the living room area, respectively kitchen, dining area, and living room. The kitchen is proposed to be a partition with secured glass walls that allow a spatial effect.

The house is partly surrounded by 3-sided terraces with small light courtyards and an area covered by a wooden pergola where leisure time can be spent.

The floor has a built-up area smaller than the ground floor, it is only a third of the ground floor, with the staircase positioned on its center which receives the natural light through a window that continues from the ground floor, thus giving natural light to the kitchen area and the stairwell. Here is a distribution hall to the 3 bedrooms, the matrimonial bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, and the 2 bedrooms with access to a bathroom.

The roof is large triangular, covered with wooden panels or HPL with imitation wood, furrowed by light slits, having a level break on the living area. The main body having a barn shape is interrupted by a rectangular body, thus creating a dynamization of the volume that is found on a smaller scale through the full empty faces of the facades.

The house itself is surrounded by a gorgeous garden, including various shrub and flower trees.