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1 April 2019Category :

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The project consists of the development of a two-star tourist accommodation structure. The location of the camping will be done in a place of tourist interest, protected from noise or other sources of pollution, as well as dangerous elements for the health and safety of tourists. The land together with the neighbors are surrounded almost entirely by forests, a natural interest point representing the Arges river that crosses the forest.

The concept of the whole campsite was based largely on the idea of ​​spending as much time outdoors as the country, where everything relates to nature and merges with it. Thus, in proposing this structure of tourist reception, it was considered that the constructive style and the color of the various constructions and landscapes within it would integrate into the landscape and the environment by using materials such as wood or other materials from the local resources.

On the surface of the camping, there are also commercial spaces, storage and renting space, the reception with the depository, the sanitary groups with showers, the storeroom, laundry and ironing, playground for children and a " water island" at the entrance camping.

The camping will take place on a land area of ​​4535 sqm and will be accessible on the SV side of the land from the existing access road that crosses the neighboring lots. The land will be divided into two: camping and accommodation, and the other with quiet and recreational areas, sports grounds, recreation, and playgrounds. The two sides will communicate with each other through green spaces, roads, and alleys of interiors. Thus, on the continuation of the existing road on the neighboring parcels, it will be proposed the arrangement of a high-gravel road that will allow access to all areas, but especially to the camping parcels.

The proposed camping parks will have a surface of at least 80 sqm each, providing space for parking a means of transport and installing a tent or caravan, leaving room for the movement and rest of 4 tourists. Thus, tourists will be given the opportunity to camp in their tent or in their own caravan, according to their preferences.

Camping camps will be of small size, made of wood or local materials, composed of a room, a bathroom, and a small terrace. The room will be equipped with electric power and properly equipped with two beds, a table, wall-mounted, wall hanging and a mirror. The sanitary group will be equipped and equipped with all the sanitary facilities necessary to meet the physiological needs of the tourists: washbasin, shower, toilet, and will benefit from hot and cold water. On the outside, due to the detachment of the boxes from the ground, they will have a terrace on the N-E side for access to the interior, and for vertically accessing a ladder in a ramp.

The water points will serve as specially arranged spaces equipped with a worktop and a chimney, where tourists will be able to clean and prepare their meals for preparing meals. These landscaped spaces will be enclosed on three sides with a 90-cm parapet, and the flooring will be made of porcelain anti-slip sandstone with a 2% drainage slope to be easy to maintain. The distance between the water points located on the camping surface is less than 100m.