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1 April 2019Category :

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"Caje" House is a single-family house with a P + 1E height of 200 sqm, which offers its positioning on the ground, special intimidation regarding the empty space and the positioning of the windows to the limits of neighboring properties in SE and NV.

The construction is proposed to be made of wooden structure with cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels - glued wood panels, with joinery with a best thermal transfer coefficient and externally coated (walls and coverings) with treated wood or panels HPL. The functionality of this dwelling is thought to be dynamic, the functions being in close contact with each other.

The ground floor of the building offers as much natural daylight as possible in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Other functions on the ground floor are technical space, laundry and dryness.

The floor has a more built-up area by creating consoles, thus creating a floating effect of the body above the ground floor. The upstairs features are the 3 bedrooms, joined through an access hall to the master bedroom with a dressing room and an en suite bathroom, as well as the two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The roof is large and triangular, covered with treated wood panels or HPL with imitation wood, with a shorter side and a longer side penetrated through several vertical windows that provide verticality both vertically and horizontally through the roof.

The body of the house is rectangular, having a simple and clean form, dislodged by a square through which access will be made on the ground floor and a bedroom will be located on the first floor.

The proposed building with the function of the home offers intimacy through the simple concept of volumetry created and the full-empty ratio of the facades made.

Project Presentation


Project Presentation