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1 April 2019Category :

Project Info

Built-up area: ground floor / building: 103.70 sqm

Total surface area / building: 459.86 sqm

Ground floor + 2 Floors + 3 rd floor withdrawn / maximum height of 15.20m

The concept starts with the creation of two new volumes that originate from two existing ground floor structures similar to functionalities and planimetry and the preservation of the existing facades of the buildings, thus creating contrast by combining the modernist style with the neo-Romanian style.

Buildings communicate through the empty-full relationship of the facades, thus making a virtual gateway to the residential neighborhood and park.

The volumes of the two buildings create a rupture level in the area of the traffic junction between the 1st and 2nd floors by creating some rooms made in the console from a structural point of view, and by marking the access in the building.