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1 April 2019Category :

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A project made with the help pf EUROPEAN FUNDS - POPAM 2014-2020 and FLAG DUNAREA VECHE. A three-star restaurant with a specific fishery and a capacity of 64 people indoor.

The investment consists of:
-construction of a building with a public catering function, a namely fish restaurant. The restaurant included in the three-star category will include food preparation areas, a dining room and annexes (warehouses, sanitary facilities, technical areas, changing rooms, etc.). The building will be equipped with specific furniture and sanitary, lighting, air conditioning and maintenance of the food preparation and dining facilities.

The main features:
Building type, height regime.
Function - Civil Building: Public Food - Restaurant
Height regime: P
Built area (ground): 330.50 sqm
Surface developed: 330.50mp
Maximum height: + 6.10m

It is proposed to build a ground-floor building with a restaurant function, having a superstructure made up of a metal structure, with circular metal poles and metal beams. The restaurant is elevated to the natural ground.
The closures will be made of 25 cm thick BCA masonry. The exterior walls will be insulated with expanded polystyrene 10 cm thick and finished with wood decorative boards with veneer finish.

The roof will be of the skeleton type, made of laminated profiles, cut sheet, thermo- insulation, waterproofing, and folded sheet metal coverings.
Due to the height of the restaurant, the access to the building is made from the terrace that surrounds the restaurant, so for vertical access will be provided a simple staircase and ramps with an intermediate stairway in the restaurant access area for clients as well as in the access zone commodity.